New SurgeryPod launched at Brechin Health Centre



New SurgeryPod launched at Brechin Health Centre

A new self test facility was launched at Brechin Health Centre at the recent Patient Participation Group meeting.

The self test facility, or ‘SurgeryPod’, is in the waiting area at the practice and support patients to self test blood pressure and weight at a time convenient for them. No booking is required and the SurgeryPod is available from 8am until 6pm Monday to Friday during practice opening hours.

The SurgeryPod was funded by the Tayside Health Fund, the charity for NHS Tayside, from donations made for the benefit of Brechin patients.

Dr Robert Mellish, the recently appointed Lead GP at Brechin Health Centre said, “We are very grateful to receive the donation of the SurgeryPod. Surveys and patient feedback over the past year have highlighted the challenges related to accessing nurse appointments for simple tests such as blood pressure checks, particularly for the commuting population.

“This service allows patients to pop into the practice at a convenient time to check blood pressure or complete simple health related questionnaires. It’s simple to use and is available in multiple languages. Results are automatically passed into the patient’s electronic record so are available at your next appointment with the clinical team in the practice.

“Patients may be invited in to undertake the tests using the SurgeryPod prior to review appointments or may choose to use as part of ongoing monitoring of their condition.

“Although the pod is very easy to use, volunteers will be available most days in practice to help people use it and patients are welcome to come in and give it a try!”


Gaynyr Dickson

NHS Tayside Communications

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