Stroke Awareness events in Ninewells

MONDAY, 8 MAY, 2017


Stroke Awareness events in Ninewells

The Health Shop at Ninewells will have a purple-themed display and information stand about stroke and stroke prevention as part of Stroke Association’s ‘Make May Purple’ campaign.

The Health Shop on the Ninewells concourse will also host three ‘Know Your Blood Pressure’ events with staff from NHS Tayside’s Stroke Managed Clinical Network (MCN) offering free pulse and blood pressure tests and explaining the results.

Tracey Gellatly, MCN Co-Ordinator for Stroke said, “High blood pressure puts a strain on your blood vessels including the arteries to your brain. The pressure can damage the lining of an artery allowing blood clots to form which may then block flow to the brain leading to a stroke or transient ischaemic attack (TIA) also known as a mini stroke.

“You can have high blood pressure without any symptoms so it is hard to know if you have it without testing. If you know your blood pressure, it allows you to take control and reduce the risk of stroke. We would encourage people to know what their normal pulse and blood pressure is by taking the opportunity to have it checked at these free events.”

Free blood pressure tests will take place at the Health Shop on the Ninewells concourse on the following dates:

    Wednesday, 10 May from 1- 4pm

    Thursday, 18 May from 1- 4pm

    Thursday, 25 May from 1 - 4pm


Gaynyr Dickson

NHS Tayside Communications

01382 740716